INDIGENOUS WAVES: Radio Interview with John Levi


Elsipogotog Warrior Chief John Levi interviewed by the CIUT Toronto radio program Indigenous Waves

APTN: Mi’kmaq issue call for support in anti-fracking protest


Mi’kmaq issue call for support in anti-fracking protest

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APTN National News

In New Brunswick dozens of people are gathered around a sacred fire along a rural highway.

The fire was set to mark a peaceful protest against seismic testing in the eastern region of the province.

Amy Sock recently put out a call for people to join in. Sock spoke to APTN about the ongoing protest.

URGENT Plea from Elsipogtog to Mi’kma’ki & Allies!

ELSIPOGTOG, NEW BRUNSWICK – Elsipogtog war chief John Levi and band member Amy Sock have recorded a plea for immediate assistance and physical presence at the sacred fire encampment along highway 126 in Harcourt, New Brunswick. The following video is a request for the presence of people from “All nations and all walks of life” to come to a sunrise ceremony at the encampment, which will take place on June 19th. Levi and Sock recommend coming immediately and note that while participants can bring their own tents and food, there are also food and tents on site.