“No Fracking Way” at SWN Moncton, June 28 2013

In Kent County, New Brunswick, Indigenous people and their allies are peacefully resisting shale gas exploratory seismic testing being conducted by SWN, a Texas-based corporation.  These strong women, who have previously been arrested for their non-violent civil disobedience, are here at SWN’s corporate offices in Moncton singing the “No Fracking Way” song written by drummers of the Sacred Fire.

We were jailed in Codiac,
And we are back to say hey
No fracking Way
Oh you thought
you could break me
but can’t you see
that we are free,
here we stand
in sikniktook
protecting land
and water too
all you’ve done
is help unite
the red and white,
the yellow black,
we are strong
and we are back
and we still say