NEWS 95.7: Early morning sidewalk protest against fracking in N.B. (Halifax)


Early morning sidewalk protest against fracking in N.B.

Jonathan Muma Jun 24, 2013 12:28:15 PM

A group of concerned Haligonians are asking Irving Oil to remove support for fracking in New Brunswick.

About a dozen protestors took to the sidewalk in front of the Irving gas station on Robie St. in Halifax Monday morning.

Protestor Alyson McCready says they chose Iriving not only because it is a major player in the oil and gas industry, but also because it’s a major player in the media.

“We know that they stand to profit from the distribution of shale gas, and the Irving owned media is failing to report in a fair and balanced way on shale gas activity and protest activity,” explains McCready.

She says it should be important for people in Nova Scotia because of fracking waste water, adding if it got into the environment it wouldn’t stay in New Brunswick.

“That toxic cocktail of chemicals includes known carcinogens, and it also brings up radio active materials, so they get taken up by plants and in the water stream,” adds McCready.

She says politicians need to stop being “cagey” about fracking, and also take a stand against it.